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HP 17bii + Incomplete Calculator- Deception
07-30-2018, 06:58 AM
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HP 17bii + Incomplete Calculator- Deception
Hello, I would like to know and confirm those who can do it, if the HP 17bii + calculator, in the mathematical menu, that is, MATH menu, what are the functions that it brings? Is that I downloaded the manual and it only seems that it comes with 6 functions nothing more! All other HP financial calculators come with trigonometric and hyperbolic, logarithmic, and other functions. In the HP 19bii, HP 20b, HP30b, HP 17bii bring many commonly used mathematical functions, but the manual of the HP 17bii + brings a menu map and says that it only brings 6 functions !!!


which I think is a big disappointment if it were like that, because the other mathematical functions that bring the other models of HP are very useful too and there may be some formula in this calculator that the user wants to enter and had to use for example the sen ( ), or cos () or some other.

It is a pity that they have discontinued the HP 19bii model, that calculator although it had less memory than the current 17bii +, had about 450 functions, including mathematics, financial, conversion of units of length, mass and time, ah, and could graph certain results as well!!!
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