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HP Prime use ARM 9?
07-18-2018, 10:25 PM (This post was last modified: 07-18-2018 10:35 PM by sasa.)
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HP Prime use ARM 9?
Official datasheet for HP Prime is not specific about used ARM chip. Some sources (probably after teardown) indicate that is Samsung S3C2416XH-40.

If that can be confirmed, this ARM 9 based chip is quite old and probably obsolete until now. I have impression ( I'm not a professional EE), that ARM base gives the fastest grown family which offer extreme powerfull chips with quite affordable prices.

I'm also aware that new design and production based on more powerful and modern ARM chip is quite costly, however that eventually will have to happens.

What would be the most logical candidate from a professional EE point of view to be used in theoretically redesigned HP Prime?

Different Cortex series seem to be quite popular nowadays... In any event, it seems to me that overproduction of many series and models is another significant variable into equation to decide for one specific model...
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