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Casio fx-991EX vs Hp 50g speed difference
07-26-2018, 04:53 PM
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RE: Casio fx-991EX vs Hp 50g speed difference
(07-26-2018 03:28 AM)Albert Chan Wrote:  I might have phrase the question poorly.

Possibly but this was the main reason.

(07-25-2018 10:13 PM)Albert Chan Wrote:  And, compare against 1 - cos(200), more accurate ?

I saw the 1-COS(200) and immediately thought, "that's a symbolic answer so that must be what we are talking about". Of course, I didn't really understand how you could mention accuracy with an symbolic answer but I didn't give that much thought. I should think a little more to see if what I'm am doing (posting, solving, fixing, anything in general).

But now that I understand the miscommunication, here is the result. The time it took to evaluate the approx. answer of the transformed integral of e^-x is 234.53 seconds. That's 3 minutes and 54.53 seconds.
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