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HP48 machines as Serial Port Monitors
07-08-2018, 03:12 PM
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HP48 machines as Serial Port Monitors
Has anybody had any experience with using two HP48s to monitor the TX and RX lines of a serial port?

I've been troubleshooting a RS232 connection to an instrument, and there are many times where I'm guessing as to what is happening on the serial port. It would be helpful to monitor the activity - eg is the instrument sending a stop transmission character etc. This is strictly a simple RX/TX connection with no HW handshaking.

I'm thinking both of these monitor H48s have each of their RX lines connected to the respective RX and TX lines of the instrument/controller port. [I presume impedance loading will not be an issue.]

Of course these monitor machines would be set up with the appropriate baud, party, bits etc...

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