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Transfer files between HP-71b/PC and then to HP-75c
07-03-2018, 03:59 AM
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Transfer files between HP-71b/PC and then to HP-75c
Hi all,

I have been experimenting transferring files between my modern Pc and HP-71b after reading what seems like hundreds to posts. They have all been extremely helpful and I can now transfer programs (text listings) and binary programs & lex files (emu71 to HP82164A and then to HP-71b, then save to HP82161A) reliably. I know a Pil-box is the way forward but I love the old gear and the challenge it presents.

I would now like transfer programs from my PC or HP-71b to the HP-75c. The 75c seems to lack the HP-IL functionality (I have no roms) of the 71b (i.e. COPY:rs232...., also commands in S2T, SENDIO etc)

I have started to think the best to get programs (not lex) from the PC to the 75c is to use the HP82164A:RS232 interface and the 71b via text files. I can send the ascii listing via a terminal (RealTerm) to the 71b with no problem and capture it with the s2t program but this is then in TXT71 I assume? I note there appears to be TXT75/BAS75 files and TXT71/BAS71 files and emu71 cannot work with TXT75/BAS75 for obvious reasons? Can this be done?

I hope the above is clear (as mud Smile). Any help much appreciated.

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Transfer files between HP-71b/PC and then to HP-75c - coitboy2000 - 07-03-2018 03:59 AM

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