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What about a "SCI ALL" format?
06-08-2018, 09:09 AM (This post was last modified: 06-08-2018 09:19 AM by Dieter.)
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What about a "SCI ALL" format?
Besides the common FIX, SCI and ENG formats where the user specifies a certain number of digits to be displayed, most newer HPs (say, since the late Eighties) feature the ALL format that displays as much digits as required, i.e. it shows all mantissa digits but no trailing zeroes. In other words, the value of 3/32 is displayed like this:

FIX 2: 0,09
SCI 2: 9,38 E–2
ENG 2: 93,8 E–3
ALL:   0,09375

It's the major benefit of the ALL mode that it displays as many digits "as required", but not more. Now I wonder if this would also make sense if combined with the SCI or ENG mode. For x=3/32 this would mean:

SCI 2: 9,38 E–2
SCI 7: 9,3750000 E–2

ENG 2: 93,8 E–2
ENG 7: 93,750000 E–3

SCI ALL: 9,375 E–2
ENG ALL: 93,75 E–3

Likewise, larger numbers like 12345 would be displayed like this:

SCI 2: 1,23 E4
SCI 7: 1,2345000 E4

ENG 2: 12,3 E3
ENG 7: 12,345000 E3

SCI ALL: 1,2345 E4
ENG ALL: 12,345 E3

So this would combine a SCI or ENG display (with tens exponent) and as many digits as required to show the complete mantissa.

Would you say this may be a useful feature?

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