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RE: vb41Cx
(05-31-2018 01:00 PM)KD8TZC Wrote:  I'm trying to play around with vb41 emulator and was curious how you make the calculator think the ROM pac is loaded into memory and then how I execute the functions? I looked over the QRG, but maybe I'm just missing something.

I hadn't heard of this VB41CX simulator before, but it doesn't seem to be an emulator (i.e. running the original firmware code of a real HP41). So the results may differ from what you get with a real '41.

Regarding the use of ROM modules, take a look at pageĀ 31 of the quick reference quide (click the (c) button). I can't say if there is a way to add new ROMs to the list, but the Finance and Standard ROMs seem to be there.

(05-31-2018 01:00 PM)KD8TZC Wrote:  Being that I don't have any ROM Pac's for my actual 41CV, I have not done this before.

On a real '41 you'd simply plug the physical ROM module into one of the four extension ports. ;-)

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