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Charger Specs for Rockwell 74k Calculator
05-31-2018, 07:44 AM
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RE: Charger Specs for Rockwell 74k Calculator
(05-31-2018 12:48 AM)rprosperi Wrote:  Thanks Dieter and Zaphod. As noted, I did initially presume it was meant to run the machine without batteries, however the 74k machine (or at least the sample I have) has a 3xAAA battery pack soldered into the case, so it didn't seem to make sense, unless of course this term was widely used to simply mean running the device directly from the adapter (e.g. if batteries were dead).

Also, does the 24k model have a removable battery?

There's no proof that the mains adaptor/charger/PSU/Walwart shown in my photo is actually the one that was supplied with that 24k calc in the photo... I just picked the pic up off ebay. It could well be from some other Rockwell or Sumlock product that happens to work with that calc. I dunno.
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