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Financial: Savings plan calculation
05-16-2018, 08:02 PM (This post was last modified: 05-17-2018 04:36 AM by cortopar.)
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RE: Financial: Savings plan calculation
Pseudo Pascal-ish code for the brute force method...

EXPORT FindInterest(years,monthly,bonus,goal);

LOCAL interest:=0.001;
LOCAL increment:=0.002;
LOCAL i:=0;
LOCAL month:=0;
LOCAL balance:=0;

WHILE balance<goal DO
  FOR i:=1 to years DO
    FOR month:=1 to 12 DO
      balance:=balance+(balance * (interest / 12))+monthly;


RETURN interest;

Now this is going to return the interest at which balance exceeds goal. To get it exact would need additional processing at finer precision.

I’m sure there’s a formulaic way to solve this easier, but it exceeds my math abilities.

Edited to Prime-compliant HP-PPL. Tested on my Prime. It is slow as you’d expect. It could be sped up by providing or calculating a starting guess and larger increment before refining.
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