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(11C) Percent of Total [%T]
04-18-2018, 05:09 AM
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(11C) Percent of Total [%T]
10, 11, 15, and 16C doesn't have a [%T] function as 12C Here is a very short program to get the Percent of Total.

This example was from the 12C Owner's Handbook start from page 28.

Program: Percent of Total


Example: Last month, your company posted sales of $3.92 million in the U.S.,
$2.36 million in Europe, and $1.67 million in the rest of the world. What
percentage of the total sales occurred in Europe?

3.92 ENTER > 3.92 // Keys in the first number and separates it from the second
2.36 + > 6.28 // Adds the second number
1.67 + > 7.95 // Adds the third number to get the total
2.36 > 2.36 // Key in 2.36 to find what % it is of the number on display
f A > 29.69 // Europe had nearly 30% of the total sales

For example, to calculate what percent of the total sales in the preceding example occurred in the U.S. and what percent occurred in the rest of the world:

CLx 3.92 f A > 49.31 // The U.S. had about 49% of the total sales
CLx 1.67 f A > 21.01 // The rest of the world had about 21% of the total sales.

For example, if you already knew in the preceding example that the total sales
were $7.95 million and you wanted to find what percentage of that total occurred
in Europe:

7.95 ENTER > 7.95 // Keys in the total amount and separates it from next number
2.36 > 2.36 // Keys in 2.36 to find what percentage it is of the number in the display
f A > 29.69 // Europe had nearly 30% of the total sales.

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