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(11C) (15C) Simple configurable dice
05-04-2018, 06:44 PM
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RE: (11C) (15C) Simple configurable dice
(05-02-2018 08:03 PM)Dieter Wrote:  
(04-06-2018 01:17 PM)David Hayden Wrote:  You can save some runtime and one program step by adding R1 after the loop rather than adding 1, R1 times:
LBL 3  ; You could use label D for Dice here
  FIX 0
  RCL 1
  LBL 4
    RCL * 2
    DSE I
      GTO 4
  RCL + 1

I just noticed you can save even two more steps if you remove both the CLX and the RCL+1. ;-)


Even better! It seems that writing "composable" code just leads to wasted performance. Maybe instead of extending existing programs, everything should be rewritten from scratch every time you want to add a feature (at least when programming a calculator).
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