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Can analog make a comeback?
03-13-2022, 02:24 PM
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RE: Can analog make a comeback?
Fascinating video, and a really great YouTube channel. Neural nets are an obvious application for analog circuitry. One thing I remember from a course in IC design is that passive component values can't be manufactured very precisely, but component ratios can. Hence with proper design large scale integration can overcome the inaccuracies of an individual component assembly. If I had a standalone oscilloscope I'd also be tempted to get a THAT. Post your experience if you do so.

Somewhat off topic this reminds me of an "analog computer" I bought as a kid from a mail order supplier, Edmund Scientific. It consisted of three logarithmic potentiometers wired to a battery and an analog meter. Each pot had a pointer to a circular log scale beneath. You would input two numbers on two pots then adjust the third pot to null the meter to zero. The product of the two inputs could be read from the third pot position. An analog slide rule, if you will.


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