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pyILPER 1.7.1 production
06-03-2018, 03:23 PM (This post was last modified: 06-03-2018 03:23 PM by Sylvain Cote.)
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RE: pyILPER 1.7.1 production
Hello Joachim,

I am doing low level HP-IL debugging with pyILPER v1.7.1 this morning.

My debug setup is: IL-Controller <-> PILBox#1 [pyilper --instance one with Scope] <-> IL-device <-> PILBox#2 [pyilper --instance two with Scope] <-> IL-Controller

I think that it would be interesting to have a way to add a synchronous tag in the log file allowing to match high-level action with low level HP-IL messaging.
You could add a Tag:InputTextBox with a Add:Button at the top of the tracing window, allowing the user to press the button to add the tag data into the log file.
Just a suggestion.



PS: I found that the configuration changes are saved when you leave the application using the menu File/Quit, but they are not saved when you leave with the keyboard shortcut, Command+Q on a Mac.
PPS: Thank you all (You, JFG & CG) for having created these nice tools that are very useful for me.
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