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Full.bin version & old Black-Scholes. Flash.
04-04-2014, 06:08 PM
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RE: Full.bin version & old Black-Scholes. Flash.
(04-04-2014 06:46 AM)Marcus von Cube Wrote:  I only rarely update the ZIP packages in the download section. The most recent builds are always in the code section (folder "realbuild").

Marcus: A suggestion.

Perhaps you could update the .zip file in the easier-to-find downloads area periodically, say monthly or quarterly.

Those of us that follow the 34S thru this forum know when/where to get the new bits (typically hours later...) but many folks I've heard from (and seen posts here) found and used the typically months-old zip file believing it to be the current build. It's a shame for them not to have the benefit of the latest improvements.

Maybe treat the .zip file as the current "Stable" build and the builds in the "realbuild" area as cutting-edge stuff for the rest of us wackos?

Just an idea, not trying to add to your already generous donation of time.


--Bob Prosperi
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