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Full.bin version & old Black-Scholes. Flash.
12-10-2020, 01:35 AM
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RE: Full.bin version & old Black-Scholes. Flash.
(04-10-2014 02:39 PM)Jonathan Cameron Wrote:  I remember writing Fortran programs on Hollerith cards and submitting them for overnight runs (not very interactive!).

Same here! Entered looking for B&S formula, but enjoyed the stories of vintage computers. I was ┬┐lucky? enough to be one of the last to program Fortran with cards before they put that system in retirement. That was in 1984! (Engineering University in Argentina). My first was TI-55 in 1981 in high school, later Casio fx-702p, sharp 1251 (which had undocumented "peek/ poke/ call" basic functions which I used to self modify INPUT to PRINT and use same routine to enter/display a matrix Smile
Had a HP41-CX which still works. Sinclair 1000 and 2068 before my first serious PC in 1987.
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