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HP-10 my last missing piece
02-10-2018, 06:15 PM (This post was last modified: 02-10-2018 06:17 PM by Maximilian Hohmann.)
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RE: HP-10 my last missing piece

Congratulations for completing your collection. Certainly kind of a dream come true and hopefully not a big void to fall into afterwards ;-)

(02-10-2018 05:46 PM)PANAMATIK Wrote:  Perhaps I will check the HP-10 against the HP-19C when I make my next tax calculations.

I prefer the HP-10 (or any desktop calculator) over the HP-19 for this kind of work. You don't have to look that much whilst typing because the larger keys are hard to miss. If only it had a USB connector so that the results would appear in the Excel spreadsheet that I send to my tax advisor...

Myself I have given up on ever completing the collection of HP calculators. The only thing I hope for is to get together all LED handhelds some day. Not many are missing: HP-27 and HP-29C (and an HP-35 red dot with and without the bug, but that's not really important for me). And an HP-16C to complete that series. About the other LCD models I don't really care, they are all late 1980ies and beyond and way past the date when a calculator was something I could really use at work. If I find one cheap (which is <20Euros for me) I buy it, otherwise I rather invest the money in a pizza and a nice glass of wine.

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