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HP35s any good for EE?
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RE: HP35s any good for EE?
You're right also Smile but I guess NOT every engineer knows that 1_Pa = 1_J/m^3. Wink

When I learned statics and mechanics (from 1999 to 2004), we used always MPa for stress calculations. Of course the tables gives properties in cm^3 and mm^4. All force in practice always kN. Old engineers "feels the range" when they are make a division of kN*m/cm^3. But I need a "conversion" because in my head everything is MPa. My 48SX is perfect for this.

For fluid flow calculations (m^3/h, l/min, bar, mmWG, Pa, etc...) I can feel the right values.

(04-18-2015 08:39 AM)walter b Wrote:  BTW, that example result "feels" a bit large - did you mean cm^3 instead?
It was an example for unit conversion only, this is not a real life calculation. But you're right this beam section property typically given in cm^3.
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RE: HP35s any good for EE?
(04-17-2015 11:50 AM)emece67 Wrote:  At the risk of being OT.

Another thing I miss in calculators is an ENG mode working like this:

Usual ENG ----- "alpha" ENG
123.456e12 ---- 123T456
123.456e9 ----- 123G456
123.456e6 ----- 123M456
123.456e3 ----- 123k456
123.456e0 ----- 123.456
123.456e-3 ---- 123m456
123.456e-6 ---- 123u456
123.456e-9 ---- 123n456
123.456e-12 --- 123p456
123.456e-15 --- 123f456 (not a!!)

Does anybody know of a calculator working this way?

RPL calculators (HP 48/49/50) can emulate CASIO's ENG key:!topic/...d03tImdu-w


real numbers
0.01 'ENG\->' 10.E-3 'ENG\->' 10000.E-6 'ENG\->' 10000000.E-9 'ENG\->' 10000000000.E-12
0.01 'ENG\<-' 10.E-3 'ENG\<-' .01E0 'ENG\<-' .00001E3 'ENG\<-' .00000001E6 'ENG\<-' .00000000001E9

5000.E-3 'NORM' --> 5. (STD format)

real numbers with unit
'1_m' 'U\->' '1000._mm' 'U\->' '1000000._\Gmm' ('\Gm' = 'μ' = micro)
'1_m' 'U\<-' '.001_km' 'U\<-' '.000001_Mm' ('k' = kilo, 'M' = mega)

useful programs for units:

Unit Scaling for HP 48

UTool and Unitman for HP 49/50
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