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HP-17BII+ Manual (with LET & GET)
04-05-2023, 09:43 PM
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HP-17BII+ Manual (with LET & GET)
As most fans of the 17BII+ models know, the manuals that shipped with the early version (aka the 'Gold' 17BII+) did not include reference to the LET [ L( ) ] and GET [ G( ) ] functions for the solver, probably because they were buggy. Eventually HP decided these should be included, but that came only quite late in production and may not have shipped with any of the Gold models, but only with the later 'Silver' 17BII+ version, and then even later of course, no manuals at all were shipped.

A long-time HP accessory seller on eBay is currently selling 2nd Edition Manuals for the 17BII+ at a reasonable price which has these functions included, and likely other small corrections as well. This version has been available in PDF for years, but it was hard to track down original, printed copies. Until now.

Here is the eBay listing:

I am not affiliated with seller in any way, other than as a customer.

I confirmed these details were added before buying and seller was very helpful to check and confirm these details. There are currently new/sealed copies as well as unsealed but still excellent copies available. Seller also has other HP manuals listed and told me he would be adding additional HP calculator manuals shortly.

--Bob Prosperi
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