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CASIO C-100P "MINI PRINTER" (1974), ink roll replacement
11-28-2020, 03:48 PM
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CASIO C-100P "MINI PRINTER" (1974), ink roll replacement
Hi, guys:

Casio C-100P “Mini Printer” (1974) was probably the first handheld calculator with both, digital screen (LED) and printer (longitudinal ink –impact printer). You can see many pics in here:

The ink comes from an ink roller. The ink roller is in the foreground, right hand side, in the next pic

The ink seems to be solid, but it seems to degenerate over time and finally it does not transfer ink any more. I am trying to find some solution. I.e., regenerating the crystalized ink surface with some solvent that does not discompose the ink block. May be using other ink rolls. (sponge type). Any suggestions?

The roller dimensions to make it work, should be

External diameter 10 - 13 mm
Height 5-6 mm

I tried with the inner ink roll of an Epson ERC 90B ribbon cartridge, but it is too small. Are there same type of cartridges of a larger size to try with them?

There are other modern ink rollers as the followings

May be one of them has a roller that can be fit to the CASIO C-100P ink roller carcass (even with some bricolage)

So, if you can give a hand about that issue I will be very grateful.

Thanks a lot

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