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(HP-65) Thermodynamic Data & Phase Diagrams
08-09-2020, 02:15 PM
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(HP-65) Thermodynamic Data & Phase Diagrams
An extract from Estimation of Thermodynamic Data and Phase Diagrams Using HP-65 Calculator Programs, LB Laboratory {Chemistry Dept.}, Materials & Molecular Research Division, LBL-4994 {DC-32}, June 1976, 129 pgs.

     Thermodynamic data and phase equilibria are greatly needed to meet current materials problems. Specific design criteria often require rather unique combinations of.materials. Of the many combinations thst might be of interest, data are available for only a small fraction. Useful combinations are often overlooked or great expense is .incurred because an unnecessarily large number of combinations must be tested. The calculation of thermodynamic data and phase diagrams, even when no experimental data exist, is possible …

     The present report is a supplement to a tabulation of the thermodynamic and phase data … As only the results of the calculations are presented in the Atomic Energy Review issue, the present report if being used to present the methods of calculation used.
     The calculations were carried out using an HP-65 programmable calculator and the programs used are presented in HP-65 notation, so that the reader can key the programs into a calculator or translate them into other calculator languages. Where necessary, some of the theory of the calculations is briefly discussed, but generally this report deals primarily with the mechanics of setting up and using the programs for specific types of calculations …
     It is difficult in a compendium of calculation procedures of this type to present topics in a coherent manner, but an effort has been made to group related topics together … will allow the reader to reach the topics of interest efficiently …

  I Data Fitting Using the Chebyshev Orthogonal Polynomials

 II Fitting of Experimental Data by An Analytical Function

III Standard Thermodynamic Calculations

IV Regular Solution Calculations

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