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(HP-67/97) Elementary Statistical Calculations
03-19-2019, 11:51 AM
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(HP-67/97) Elementary Statistical Calculations
An extract from … Calculator Programs for Elementary Statistical Calculations …, C.F.I. Occasional Papers
NO.21, Department of Forestry, Commonwealth Forestry Institute, University of Oxford, 1982 (124 pgs. front to back)

… programs … represent some of the statistical routines most frequently used in the training courses on Forest Research run by the Unit of Tropical Silviculture of the Commonwealth Forestry Institute. Although they may be somewhat slower to run than similar programs for micro computer, the use of hand-held programmable calculators can be expected to continue in forestry for a long time to come, and it is hoped that by making this collection more widely available they will be of real assistance to forest researchers in the field

In the last 5 years there have been great advances in the performance of calculators, in particular in those models which can be programmed. It is possible to program several models to carry out all the routines displayed in Statforms. With this facility both the reliability of the calculations and the speed of analysis is increased in comparison to hand calculation, furthermore the job can, if necessary, be delegated to subordinates who need not even be numerate. Research workers can in fact have much of the power and convenience of a computer available in remote offices, or even in the field, and this should enable them to summarise and analyse data promptly and to devote more time to designing and interpretting their experiments. Indeed even where a computer is easily accessible it may well prove quicker to use a programmable calculator to analyse small experiments and Temporary Sample Plots. However, few foresters have the time and patience to write programs for the more complex calculations such as for the analysis of a factorial. Where programmable calculators have been obtained they are too often underutilised.

In this publication Statforrns have been programmed for the Hewlett-Packard HP67 and There are, of course, programs in existence already for many of these statistical routines. The justification for this publication is first that it is based on Statforms which are already known and therefore the organisation and the presentation of the data and results will be familiar to many. Secondly the format for data entry and for the production of results is consistent throughout all the programs and this will make it easier to train junior staff to use the programs; indeed the programs have been specifically written with the intention that people with no knowledge of statistics should be able to use them (under supervision).

31 replete-documented programs!


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