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Olivetti Logos 80B manual - badaze - 12-13-2017 11:00 PM


I am the owner of 2 Olivetti Logos 80B. I bought the first item 5 or 6 years ago and found the second one this year at a flea market. Since then I search for the manual. I searched the internet and found nothing except a commercial ad. I also contacted the Olivetti museum in Italy (I’m fluent in Italian). They had it but wanted more than 100€ for a pdf file ! So I declined.

Who knows. May be one of you have it in a readable language to me (French, Italian, English, Spanish or even Portoguese... I don’t speak none of the two last tongues but I’m able to understand them when written).

[Image: OLIVETTI_LOGOS_80B_20170417_003.jpg]