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Dynamic statistics application missing - math7 - 09-15-2017 08:09 PM

I think there is something that maybe some have overlooked in the HP Prime, but I think it is necessary and useful to include it in the development team. As the competition does, the Prime should be able to relate the data for example in the application of statistics of 2 variables and that when plotting them could split the screen into 2 parts, in a half show the data that have been entered into the columns and in the other half show the graph of such points. It would then be useful to be able to see the change by dragging a point in the graph for example and see how the value changes in the column and row concerned; or conversely, when changing a value in the columns see how this affects the position of the point in the graph.
For example in the application of Geometry when drawing any object such as a square, and put a tag with the square area, if you move one of the points of the square the value of the area also changes, this is very useful to see the change dynamic of values and figures; but this functionality does not exist in the application of statistics. For example, it does exist in the function application, because the screen can be divided into two parts, one to display the graph of the function and another part shows a table with the values of "x" and "y".
Another observation: it would be very good if the application of Geometry could import graphics of the Advanced Graphics Application, to be able to import those graphics and to manipulate them or to add other figures or points in the application of Geometry but at the moment this is not possible.

RE: Dynamic statistics application missing - Tim Wessman - 09-16-2017 01:19 AM

There has been some discussion around this in the past. The primary reason we are so hesitant to implement something like that is data is *not* variable. Training someone to "just change the data" to change fits seems to be a really bad precedent and principle to be teaching...

That is one of the biggest mistakes with the nspire for example. All the data is linked and those links are very often difficult to understand and control - especially for non-technical users.

RE: Dynamic statistics application missing - math7 - 09-16-2017 03:36 AM

Oh I understand. But I thought that it was rather a cool feature of Nspire, for example we could have in a two-column table the values of time and distance and in the other part of the divided screen the graph of those points. Then you could make guesses, what happens if a time value is changed and this is reflected in a change in the plotted points, then one could deduce things from this, I think. Now, regardless of this, could the HP Prime screen split into two for whatever applications the user chooses? One could be working with the application of graphics in one part and with the application of geometry in another for example; that is something that also allows the Nspire and the Voyage 200 of the competition.