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HP prime and HP39gii connectivity kit - Giancarlo - 08-12-2017 09:24 AM

first of all a simple question:
does the PRIME and the 39Gii share the same connectivity kit? i have a nightmare on my laptop and the hp39Gii connectivity kit notifies me with new versions of the kit (the prime one...).

Second question;
i have given my hp39gii calculator to my daughter for her math course and then she returned it to me saying that it doesn't work anymore. The issue is that the calculator is Always ON trying to boot with the HP logo and the hour-glass .
i tried all the key combinations (ON-F4, ON/F1/F6, backspace, ON/C for 10 seconds, releasing all the key at the same time or in opposite order), no way to exit from this coma mode.
I left the batteries out for months and nothing. I really would need a hard button reset...

With this status i am not even able to remember which firmware I have loaded...

any idea?



P.S. i wrote in the PRIME section because the HP39Gii is in some way a stripped down version of a PRIME. I apologize if it is not the right section.

...a new school year approach and she is looking at my PRIME... :+(

RE: HP prime and HP39gii connectivity kit - Eddie W. Shore - 08-12-2017 01:46 PM

If memory serves me correctly, the Connectivity Kit only is for the HP Prime.

RE: HP prime and HP39gii connectivity kit - DrD - 08-12-2017 03:39 PM

(08-12-2017 09:24 AM)Giancarlo Wrote:  <<<
...a new school year approach and she is looking at my PRIME... :+(

For yourself, a perfect time: acquire a NEW prime!
The much improved keyboard version!
Let her young eyes re-discover the keys of old,
which, now, yours more clearly see!
When, together, solutions are found in each immersion,
as real or complex as they may be.


Fair use granted by liberal Poetic License

RE: HP prime and HP39gii connectivity kit - Giancarlo - 08-12-2017 04:46 PM

Hello DrD,
ahahah thank you for the suggestion. i will do for sure what you say; my eyes need an improved keyboard...

by the way this doesn't solve my hp39gii issue. I'd like to have it working. Or just an idea, i could bring it to the HHC; i am sure over there someone wil be able to fix it :+)



RE: HP prime and HP39gii connectivity kit - olr - 08-13-2017 06:01 AM

The HP Prime and the HP 39gII both come with separate connectivity kits. The latest one (i think) for the HP 39gII is available at HPs FTP site - HP39gii Files. Do not install the HP39gII kit together with the HP Prime one on the same computer.

The kit includes a firmware updater (with a 5-page manual). The updater doesn't seem to work with WIN10 64-bit (Neither does the kit itself, it does not recognize connected calculators).

If you have the chance to get access to a WIN7 (32-bit preferred) computer, i recommend to use that for format and update.
  • Do not connect the calculator
  • Start the firmware update tool
  • Switch off the calculator
  • Connect the calculator while holding [ON/C]
  • The tool now hopefully detects the calulator and "Initializes..."
  • Mark the checkbox for "Format"
  • Start
  • Sit and Pray

I created a virtual machine with WIN7 and after several tries i managed to update my HP 39gII. It worked only after enabling USB2.0. With USB1 the "Initializing..." took ages and ended with "Please connect a device"