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HP-41: Updated Formula Evaluation Module - Ángel Martin - 07-03-2017 11:28 AM

A good thing just got much better: A new revision of the Formula Evaluation Module is now available. Revision 1E extends and expands on the formula evaluation capabilities, mostly by adding routines to perform sums, series, products, and general-purpose test comparisons.

1. Calculating sums and series is just a matter of typing the initial and final index and general term in ALPHA, then "EVALS" does the job.
Example: "SUM(1;25;1/X)" returns the harmonic number for n=25

2. Calculating finite and infinite products is very much the same thing, only using "EVALP" instead.
Example: "P(1;6;X)" returns 6! = 720

3. Testing for general-purpose comparisons (say "X+Y^2 <= X*Z") is also an easy affair using "EVAL?". Any expression supported by EVAL$ can be used on each of the two strings to be compared.

4. If this wasn't enough, meet "EVALXM" - a powerful routine to interpret scripts from an ASCII file containing any of the EVAL functions, including EVALS, EVALP and EVAL?

To make room for the new additions all the example applications have been moved to a dedicated ROM, the EVAL_APPS, including more advanced examples like Combinations/Permutations, the Gamma, Digamma, and Lambert functions; Orthogonal Polynomials evaluation and much more - all using straight ALPHA expressions for the calculation via EVAL$.

If you liked the first revision then you can't miss this new one. Hopefully soon at a TOS and CL-Library near you, including the updated manual with plenty of examples added in.


RE: HP-41: Updated Formula Evaluation Module - Ángel Martin - 07-08-2017 06:24 AM

Updated manual and MOD file already available at TOS - see the "What's New" section.
Revision 1E

Edit: also available at : http://systemyde.com/hp41/documents.html

RE: HP-41: Updated Formula Evaluation Module - JurgenRo - 07-19-2017 08:38 PM

Just found it! Wow, this is cool and extremely useful! Great! Have to check it. Thank you Angel!