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I have two Model 46's - looking to trade - BrianWhite - 05-22-2017 12:13 PM

Hi all
I was helping some colleagues clean out their junk room and found two HP Model 46's. Both have the LED module installed. One seems to work fine - it calculates and the printer spins up. I can't test the printer without an ink ribbon (although, if you'd like me to test it and can suggest how, I will give it a try). The other one is ill - when you power it up, the printer spins up and then stops and it does not seem to calculate (I can give more details if you're interested).

Since these were a gift - of sorts - I don't feel right selling them on *bay. I'd love to trade. It doesn't have to be perfectly even and I'm looking for something on this list:
- HP-16 programmers' calculator
- some other early programmable calculator (doesn't have to be HP) that'd be fun to play with
- parts for a or a "non-working, for parts only" Wang 320 electronics unit