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Built-in CAS Variables? - Dominik Holenstein - 02-14-2014 05:01 PM

The HP Prime User Guide mentions on page 43 the built-in CAS variables:
"(...)However, the built-in CAS variables must be entered in lowercase.(...)"

While you can access the built-in Home variables via Vars -> Home I am asking myself where I can access the built-in CAS variables if there are any...?

Built-in variables in CAS I have found so far: e, pi, i

It's a very basic question, I know ;-) .

Many thanks for you help.


RE: Built-in CAS Variables? - eried - 02-14-2014 06:38 PM

Shift+C, tap [Const]

RE: Built-in CAS Variables? - Joe Horn - 02-14-2014 10:54 PM

Just being picky here: Those are constants, not vary-ables. The only CAS variables that I know of (they only work in CAS) are:

Digits -- the value in CAS Settings, page 1, end of line 2
epsilon -- the value in CAS Settings, page 2, line 4

Digits can be set to any integer 1 to 13 (13 shows as 12 in CAS Settings).

CAS doesn't like epsilon to be anything larger than 1E-6. If you set it to something larger than 1E-6, CAS will reset it to 1E-6.

Those two are the only CAS variables listed on this page: http://holyjoe.net/hp/PrimeVars.htm
If any more are discovered, I'll add them to that list.

The User Guide refers to "built-in CAS variables named a to z". That's incorrect. In CAS, a through z do not exist until you create them, and when you purge them, they no longer exist... just like any other user-created CAS variable. That's different from Digits and epsilon, which always exist and cannot be purged.

RE: Built-in CAS Variables? - Dominik Holenstein - 02-15-2014 06:49 AM


Many thanks for your reply and the provided background information. This is very useful for me!

Further, I have just bookmarked your HP Prime Vars list.

All the best,