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Unit conversion tools not working? - tenforty - 08-18-2016 01:43 PM

I just received my HP Prime and the first thing I've been trying to figure out is the unit conversions. I use shift+Units and the first time it opened I was able to access the Tools tab but every subsequent time I am only able to access Units and Const. I am pressing the Tools tab but it just exits the units menus when I do that, as if I've presses a blank tab button. Grrr!!! it's driving me crazy since unit conversions are something I need to do all the time. What am I doing wrong? Have I somehow locked out the Tools tab? It's not in exam mode and the first time I was able to get to the tab (or maybe it opened there?) but now I cant.

Any help would be appreciated.


RE: Unit conversion tools not working? - ndzied1 - 08-18-2016 03:33 PM

It would be helpful to know what version of the firmware is in your prime.

You can get this by pressing the Help key (top row left of ESC) then selecting Tree from the soft menu then double tap on the first branch "About HP Prime".

Report back what is says next to Software Version:

For instance mine says
2016 04 14 (10077) so we call this version 10077

RE: Unit conversion tools not working? - Tim Wessman - 08-18-2016 04:34 PM

You can also try a reboot. This is an issue I don't think anyone has seen or reported before. To do a reboot, hold down the ON key, and while keeping ON pressed, click the SYMB key (don't hold it down too long or you'll go into an update mode which requires a pin in the back to get out).

Or if you have a pin/paperclip, there is a little reset button in the back.

RE: Unit conversion tools not working? - StephenG1CMZ - 08-18-2016 10:16 PM

I have written a program for converting units: Z UNITS in the HP Prime software library.
Perhaps this will help you until you find a fix?