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Emu48+ Service Pack - Simone Cerica - 07-06-2016 01:02 PM

Hi all, where can you find Emu48+ Service Pack's last version?

The latest version available is 55 (or 1.55+):

debug4x includes a version of Emu48 with Emu48+ Service Pack 54:

Emu48's last version is 1.57:

so the Emu48+ Service Pack's last version available should be 56 (or 1.56+), is that correct? Where is that?

RE: Emu48+ Service Pack - Christoph Giesselink - 07-07-2016 03:05 PM

Emu48 for Win32 exist in three forks:
  • Emu48 classic (v1.57) maintained and distributed by Christoph Giesselink
  • Emu48+ (v1.54) base on the HP Emu48+ fork maintained by Christoph Giesselink & Bill Graves and distributed by Bill Graves
  • Emu48+ (v1.55) base on a mixture of Emu48 classic (v1.57) and Emu48+ (v1.54 or older) maintained and distributed by Eric Rechlin
In consequence both Emu48+ forks comparing the same version number differ. To avoid any version no. trouble v1.55 is skipped on the HP Emu48+ fork. Nobody is distributing the HP Emu48+ fork at the moment.

Emu48 classic (v1.58) will get an update this year, promised.

RE: Emu48+ Service Pack - Simone Cerica - 07-08-2016 07:06 AM

thank you so much for your hard work

RE: Emu48+ Service Pack - compsystems - 07-09-2016 01:48 AM

Emu48+ (v1.54/55) ...distributed by Bill Graves and Eric Rechlin Bill, not update your home page
please CG add Emu48 + in your web. =)

>> Emu48 classic (v1.58) will get an update this year, promised.

that news will bring?

I require an option, to display the screen separately from keyboard , with the purpose of leaving fixed the keyboard and LCD expand in several zoom 2x 3x 4x


RE: Emu48+ Service Pack - compsystems - 08-08-2016 04:26 AM

cool skins: HP 50g Windows 10 Touchscreen Interface


please something similar for the skins of hpprime