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RE: printing on HP41 magnetic cards - Jurgen Keller - 07-13-2016 01:56 PM

(07-11-2016 03:32 PM)Martin Hepperle Wrote:  
(07-11-2016 01:37 PM)Jurgen Keller Wrote:  I've just tried to use my 9872C plotter to label magnetic cards. The result is disappointing (and could have been found much faster): the ink of all of my pens does not adhere on the cards, so the labels get smeared already when the letters are drawn. I should have tested a pen on the magnetic card first, before turning on the plotter. It was fun anyway ;-)


there are pens for paper and there are pens for transparency film.
Maybe the latter are better suited for this purpose?

I bet that the cards in questions were plotted - the character set is characteristic.


I've tried both types of pens, no luck. Maybe there are indeed pens that work, but those I own don't :-(