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2D printing incomplete - compsystems - 07-01-2016 06:01 PM

With the flag ENTRY: Text Book == Pretty Print == 2D printing template, The expressions of extraction of elements or rows of a vector, matrix are displays in history without pretty print

[[a,b],[c,d]] [2,2] => at( [[a,b],[c,d]] [1,1] ) => a

the show linear (algebraic == 1D template), also is changing the values of the indices, this creates confusion:
index [2,2] => (a)
Index [1,1] => (d)
Also to copy to input line, the subindex is in the center of the array must be at least at the bottom

at([[a,b],[c,d]][1,1]) [enter] returns at(a) ??
at([[a,b],[c,d]][0,0]) [enter] returns undef ??

Please complete the pretty print of extraction of elements in 2D format

Annex images of the hp-prime and tivoyage200, this last is 20 years old, with full pretty print

Survey: is important to you, have all history in pretty print?

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3705]

RE: 2D printing incomplete - Arno K - 07-01-2016 08:35 PM

I would use [[a,b],[c,d]](1,1) that provides correct answers and does not change indices, interestingly at() is not in the helpfiles and manually entered before your input it provides a double at in history, that is output is at(a). So I think it is not thought to be used with matrices, perhaps it is thout to be used with strings and there converts indices to standard C/C++ counts, starting with zero."abc"[1] provides "a", in history at(...) is read. Manually entering at simply does not work with strings, lists and matrices.

RE: 2D printing incomplete - compsystems - 07-01-2016 10:05 PM

({a,{b,c},d}[2])[1]=>b ok
({a,[[b,c],[d,e]],"f"}[2])[2] => [d,e] ok
({a,[[b,c],[d,e]],"f"}[2])[2,1] => d ok
{a,b,c}[1] returns at({a,b,c},[0]) => a ok
"hello"[1] returns at("hello",[0]) => h ok

But at({a,b,c},[0] ) [enter] the parser, fails why?
There is not consistency