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RE: HP 32S 50th Anniversary Edition production numbers - John R - 07-12-2016 01:40 AM

(07-11-2016 01:32 PM)rprosperi Wrote:  Along the lines of these machines coming in different styles & colors, a recent post elsewhere here pointed out something I never noticed (though I own both). The very late 19BII with the rear door was actually produced in a different color scheme than prior 19BIIs. The case is a darker brown/close to black (similar to the darker case of the late 10B/20S/32SII/17BII) and the keys are also different colors. And the panel on the left above the alpha-keys does not provide the simple help for several key functions, rather it explains how to select the user-language, in several languages, so maybe this late model was only released in a multi-language version.

Here is a picture of the three different HP-19BII styles, arranged in chronological order from left to right:

[Image: 160711-IMG_20160711_185423468.jpg?dl=1]

The calculators have serial numbers beginning with 3248S, ID008, and ID221, respectively. The calculator on the left has the classic side battery door; the other two have the rear battery door.

As Bob pointed out, the final rear-door variant has a significantly different color scheme. However, there are also some subtle differences between the side-door variant (left) and the original rear-door variant (center). Most noticeably, some sections of the upper-left panel are darker in the rear-door variant. The rear-door variant also has matte keys, instead of the glossy keys found in the side-door variant.

RE: HP 32S 50th Anniversary Edition production numbers - Alejandro Paz(Germany) - 07-12-2016 07:09 AM

The 18C, if I remember correctly, exists also in several versions, with non-glare LCD like the 28S and with glare LCD (The 28S too..). Sadly, I have not mine with me to post photos. The glare-LCD 18C was French localized, the other was Spanish-localized.

RE: HP 32S 50th Anniversary Edition production numbers - rprosperi - 07-12-2016 01:26 PM

(07-12-2016 12:27 AM)Dave Frederickson Wrote:  Correct! I called dibbs if one appears on eBay.

Global dibbs are not allowed. Else I'd call dibbs on all HP items.

Suddenly being on the west coast seems be less advantageous, unless you stay up late enough...