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Project step to step programs with copyleft - compsystems - 06-09-2016 12:56 PM

sorry again, this is a electronic translation (google) from the Spanish, I understand written English without translators, but I can not speak or write =(

As part of my work, teaching, for the second half of this year, I want to develop applications step by step similar a (http://www.tinspireapps.com/), using CAS tools, especially using hpprime calculator.

[Image: CMEV200_show.gif]

What is missing with respect to other calculators

1: a view (window) of math expressions input/output in pretty print
2: an prg editor(windows-OS) similar to PRIMEPAD program https://github.com/eried/PrimeComm or tiedit http://home.arcor.de/p-engels/tiedit/
3: dialog boxes and toolbar, I already do this in the HP50, but this calculator is too slow, the screen is very small, etc.

my prg dialog boxes and toolbar for hp50

[Image: guiplus.gif]

that possibility is there that these requirements are shared on the hpprime?