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Apps like 'Solve' as a Subroutine ??? - BERNARD MICHAUD - 05-16-2016 11:20 PM

Does anyone know if it is possible to access an App such as Solve as a subroutine and return to the calling program upon exiting the App.. Can a Solve App be made by a user and a RETURN button be inserted in the soft key area which is vacant between the = ..... Show keys. That would be so useful. Would HP put that in with a future upgrade? or is it already in place and I haven't discovered it yet?

RE: Apps like 'Solve' as a Subroutine ??? - cyrille de brébisson - 05-17-2016 05:34 AM


Unfortunately no.
You can use the inner solve command to solve for something.
You can 'fall' into the UI, but this is your 'last' action in the program (using the startview command).
But you can not call the UI as a 'sub-routine'.
You can pretty much recreate the UI if you want to, but this is all (and takes more effort).