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Function app transform question - Dirk.nl - 04-26-2016 03:37 PM

Hi all,

I was just playing around with the new function app transform function.
I have a question, but maybe already ask! (sorry)
When I have in the function app a linear equation and when I do (several) times a horizontal and/or vertical transformation I see soft function buttons Simplify and Form. Also for a function like X^2
When I use, for example, X^3 I don't see that buttons. So I can can end up the transformation, for example, with (X-2-3)^3-1-4. Because there are now no Simplify and Form buttons it is not possible to simplify the equation inside the function app.
What do I wrong? Or is there something wrong in the function app software?

RE: Function app transform question - jte - 04-26-2016 11:06 PM

The transform feature in the Function app was, at first, intended to be used when teaching basic transformations on a handful of different basic types of functions (which included quadratic but not cubic polynomials). As it was being developed some alternative uses became clear (e.g., using it as a tool to enact transformations conveniently [via gestures] rather than teach about transformations; to simplify expressions; to handle generic expressions rather than just a handful of basic types). I can't speak towards there being any future versions of the software, but some adjustments to this feature are a natural thing to consider. (Depending on scheduling, priorities, etc.)

The Simplify button converts the current function to the current form chosen for it and uses a precision, for coefficients, that is appropriate to the current plot view. There are no forms for cubics in r10077 so there is no Simplify button. (Adding some support for collapsing affine portions of generic functions would change this, as would adding support for cubic polynomials.)

RE: Function app transform question - Dirk.nl - 04-27-2016 05:12 AM

Okay JTE, thanks for your answer!
It's not only my calculator, I know enough.