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HP50G emulator install help - CR Haeger - 02-03-2014 04:24 PM


I own an HP50G and would like to install an emulator on my windows PC. A couple of questions:

- Is there an HP supported emulator or is there a recommended download zip?

- The emulators seem to ask for a ROM to be download with the emulator. Is this available on line or do I need to extract it from my handheld 50G using connkit?


RE: HP50G emulator install help - Han - 02-03-2014 07:53 PM

The ROM is available for download from http://www.hpcalc.org (HP has released to the public). I recommend the one that comes packaged with DEBUG4X since it can be used for debugging at the source code level. The DEBUG4X package should already have the ROM.