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third toolbox-submenu for User-Programms? - Neo87 - 02-21-2016 03:16 PM

I'm new to this Board (and the HP Prime too). I'm using the Prime mainly for calculations in electronic-engineering.

I have writen myself a simple Program that holds functions that I often use. No Problem at all but My Program get's bigger and bigger and includes many Functions that I usually call over the Toolbox. Now it would be nice to group that Functions in "third Submenus". For example like the Geometry-App or the Matrix-Menu?


Hopefully you know what I mean. I know my english is really bad. Sorry for that.

RE: third toolbox-submenu for User-Programms? - DrD - 02-21-2016 05:10 PM

It's at this point that menu driven sub programs can get labor intensive, but you might be interested in the DRAWMENU command, and employing graphic variables using the BLIT_P function with other pixel based functions, (TEXTOUT_P, GETPIX_P, PIXON_P, etc).

Otherwise, you are pretty much limited to INPUT() with drop down options, and check boxes. As you know, complicated commands are really a matter of experience, so once you get the hang of these things, they get easier to use. (As long as the firmware doesn't change, that is!)


RE: third toolbox-submenu for User-Programms? - Neo87 - 02-21-2016 05:54 PM

Thanks for response,
I suspected that Sad. So if I want some submenu I have to draw it at my own. Unfortunately by creating the menu out of my Program I have to execute it first. And that I don't want. I only want to categorize my funtion's in the Toolbox. So that I can go for example: Toolbox>User>Electronic>Resistance>Wire_R instead of Toolbox>User>Electronic>Wire_R. So I think I stick with my long list of function's... or maybe I split my Programm into "smaller ones".

Hopefully my english Isn't too bad that you understand what I'm meaning.

RE: third toolbox-submenu for User-Programms? - Tim Wessman - 02-21-2016 06:45 PM


You are correct that there is a problem once your programs start to get a large number of variables or function names. We have a few ideas on how to resolve this, but it will still take some time.

Your suggestion is "on the list" to be worked on though. Thank you for the suggestion.