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SainSmart MetaPhix M2 Graphing Calculator - rprosperi - 01-31-2016 03:27 PM

In a clearly targeted ad, Amazon suggests I check out this calculator:


Description of this $29.99 wonder includes:

• Generation of graphing functions handles calculus, engineering, trigonometric.
• Basic arithmetic operations using binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal values.
• Built-in memory for storage and analysis; 64 x 32 pixel resolution LCD screen.
• Comes with detailed trouble shooting technical instruction and well packages.
• 1-year warranty and technical support dedicated from SainSmart

Anyone familiar with this machine, or even the manufacturer, which I assume is Chinese?
Edit: Wrong guess, looks French; I guess the name should have been the clue...

RE: SainSmart MetaPhix M2 Graphing Calculator - renif - 01-31-2016 05:36 PM

Hello Bob,
that label SainSmart may feel french (missing just one letter T), but isn't that a common phenomenon of smart marketing? About a year ago I have purchased an Arduino Nano clone called SainSmart Nano from the same source. It didn't work exactly as expected, so I read the customer reviews, where someone stated the device were fabricated in China. (I know, one should read reviews before buying as that's their purpose...)
Concerning the calculator: no tutorials and no information about RAM size. So I guess, at about the same price any used and refurbished graphing calculator from the four main manufacturers TI, Casio, Sharp and HP may be the better deal for the typical user.

RE: SainSmart MetaPhix M2 Graphing Calculator - Steve Simpkin - 01-31-2016 05:55 PM

Judging by the unique display format, number of keys and its function set, this appears to be a variation of the Sentry CA756 graphing calculator (aka Durabrand 828). Here is more information about the Sentry CA756.
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