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HP 85 Forth from UPLE? - Martin Hepperle - 12-22-2015 12:14 PM

Dear All,

recently I was playing with the Forth ROM for the HP-85. I am using an EPROM version in the Programmable ROM drawer.

I have started with the Fig-Forth documentation and extended it for easier reference and for the few additional HP-85 specific words in the ROM.

The Forth-ROM does not include any words for hardware access (e.g. graphics, system routines etc.). Therefore I have now started to create my own words to access the screen.

However, I read in "HP BASIC Exchange" that the binary version of this code as distributed by the HP-Users-Library was including some Forth words tailored for the HP-85 (e.g. Graphics). I assume that these were delivered on a tape or diskette, but they might also be available in printed form.

Does anybody have this software or a printed version of the Forth screens where the HP-85 specific words are listed? I don't mind to type in some screens from a paper copy.


RE: HP 85 Forth from UPLE? - gferluga - 02-29-2016 06:30 PM

No one?