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(71B) ULIB52 - The User Library 1 Lex - J-F Garnier - 09-23-2015 06:58 AM

The LEX of ID#52, also known as the User Library 1, is a collection of various keywords that were widely used in many HP or user programs.
The most well-known keywords are KEYWAIT$, REV$, MSG$, TRIM$, RPT$, but there are also several less-known but powerful keywords like SYSTEM$, BREAK, MODIFY/LIST$, PRINT TO, IMAGE$ and others.

These keywords come from HP or from the user community. They were originally available as individual LEX files, see for instance a selection of these LEX files on the Joe Horn’s site.
With the ULIB52 Lex, I merged the latest known versions of almost all the known keywords from the LEX ID#52 in a single definitive file.
The re-built source files come from the disassembly of individual LEX files (done by me and others) and a manual merge of the internal tables and poll handler code with a unique version string.
Direct link: ULIB52 page.

Missing keywords/tokens:
There are several missing keywords in the sequential token numbering (see the documentation for details).
Some of these missing tokens are mentioned the HP71 System Assignment document (SAR$, RPTBIT$, EXTRBIT, STUFFBIT) but no LEX corresponding to these keywords is known. Any information is welcome!

Original source files:

Thanks to Bob Prosperi, a few original, commented source files (SystemFn, CmdLex, LinkerLex) have been recovered.
I’m interested to get more original source files of any LEX ID#52 keywords. Your help is welcome too!