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Editing a matrix' dimensions - pwarmuth - 09-04-2015 05:34 PM

Is there a better way to add rows/columns in the matrix editor than tediously inputting them one at a time via MORE -> INSERT -> ROW/COLUMN ? A hotkey? Perhaps a way to directly define the matrix' and/or vector's dimensions? On this same line of thinking, I know the comma key will traverse along a row withinin the matrix template (on the home or CAS screen), but is there a carriage return hotkey hidden away somewhere?

RE: Editing a matrix' dimensions - Tim Wessman - 09-04-2015 05:50 PM

Those really are for just when you are trying to insert a row or column inside an existing matrix/vector. The matrix/vector will automatically grow by one when you type in the empty boxes on an empty row/column.

To do a 3x4 for example, select and empty M1. Enter it, and you should see Go-> on the menu key. Type <number> ENTER <number> ENTER <number> ENTER. Now tap or arrow over to the col 2, row 2 position. Beging typing. The GO-> moves you to the right after each enter. When you hit the last col, you automatically move down to your next row.

This answer? Or are you seeing a different behavior?

RE: Editing a matrix' dimensions - pwarmuth - 09-04-2015 06:01 PM

I'm not sure how I missed that behavior. It does indeed automatically add columns as you type values into the first row. You do have to manually reset the curser to row 2 column 1 when you've finished the first row. I cannot find a key that behaves as a carriage return. However, when you type values into the second row it will automatically perform a carriage return when you reach the end of the second row and so on. The second part of question stands, however. A carriage return behavior for the matrix/vector templates would make data entry quite a bit more convenient. You can tap the touch screen, but it's a pretty small target to hit. The template does not perform an automatic carriage return at the end of row 2 and so on, but will instead add a column. Perhaps mapping the enter key to this function while the curser is within the template, or mimicking the behavior of the matrix editor for subsequent rows would be a useful addition?