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Toolbox CAS-command in cas-program - Arno K - 09-01-2015 09:49 PM

Today I began another little program which should be a CAS one. So I started the program-list, entered its name: PrimW, checked CAS. Then I chose the command Euler from the Toolbox-Menu which completed that line to eu = CAS.euler(n), some more lines and a little test run showed: CAS.euler(n) is not evaluated in a CAS-program, instead it is given back unchanged (as a string?), return eu brought Euler(108). Deleting "CAS." came up with the desired result 36.
In my opinion this is a serious bug as at least a cas program should ignore the CAS in front of Euler() or the command should be inserted without it.
So for you to see:

local eu;
  return eu;

and a picture of the result: