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RE: HP 50g+ Emulator - brickviking - 09-23-2015 12:00 AM

I took a slightly different route to trying to store a library in port 2, and no, I didn't have any luck either. I have a real HP50g, so I plugged it in, turned it on, set the virtual HP50g's settings to connect to it. I could copy libraries fine to port 0 from the real calculator's filer (put pointer on a library file in Flash, and hit Send on the softmenu. That worked fine. Then when I used the virtual HP's filer to move that to the flash, it moved, but flash appears to be a bitsink. File 13. I still have 671kb free in flash. For what it's worth, I can't even copy a standard program to there, it might as well be blank, aside from the three libraries it already has. Sigh. I don't even know if this particular emulator supports using a SD card.

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RE: HP 50g 2.16 Emulator - brickviking - 11-09-2017 06:52 AM

Oh yes, I found out one extra thing in my investigations that I think others have touched on too. I can't make backups to :2:, nor make any other write use of it whatsoever, and all I can do is to utilise the existing three libraries that are stored there. For all intents and purposes, though Port 2 apparently has 671kb of memory, that's completely untouchable. Even :2:BK001 ARCHIVE runs, but doesn't actually leave anything in Port 2.

Does the ARCHIVE command have a SUCCEED/FAIL flag I could examine, a la C function errors? I might be expecting a bit much...

Now, the second thing I'm here for. I installed Chris Gie├čelink's printer emulator, and was trying to print to it from various calculators, both on my emulators (EMU48, HP 50G-2.16) and from a real HP-50G. I managed to print from everything except the emulator from HP's 2.16 package. With EMU48 and the physical 50G, I just set the calculator to Print via IR (flag -34) and do the normal "Print Screen" thing. A few seconds later, I see my screen come up on the graphics screen of the printer. But when I try the same thing from the other emulator, the icon for transferring turns on for a few seconds, then eventually disappears, with nothing appearing on either printer display.

Checking the Preferences for the 2.16 emulator shows me only "Expose this instance as COM4" and "Disable" under each of Virtual IrDA, Virtual Serial or Virtual USB Port, and I can't use this COM port with the printer even if I specifically set the printer to that same COM port (sigh). The emulator certainly doesn't appear to support using UDP communication to port 5025.

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