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PSO for the HP Prime's Solver?? - Namir - 06-29-2015 11:26 PM

While preparing for my talk at HHC2015, I was studying Generic Algorithms (GA) using Excel VBA and Matlab before I port the VBA code to the HP Prime. I also took a look at Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) and found a lot of Matlab code in books, in Mathwork's File Exchange web pages, and the Internet at large. I decided to write Excel VBA code for PSO to get a better feel for things. I was blown away how PSO has outmatchod the GA method. PSO's success comes at requiring fewer parameters AND giving accurate results (not approximate ones usually given by the GA methods).

I think the HP Prime can benefit from an implementation of the PSO algorithm for its Solver, especially when it comes to solving the roots of 3,4, or even more non-linear equations. The only change that comes with using the PSO algorithm is the need to specify ranges for the roots of each variable. While this is a small extra cost, you have the ability to significantly guide Solver to look for the roots you want!

Tim, I hope you are reading this!!