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Bug? in Instruction() - Arno K - 06-18-2015 11:01 PM

For my just released Taylorani-app I needed, just as the Name provides, an animation which I found is possible using the Geometry-App as a good starting point because I could use element(..) for a slider. Then I needed the possibility to change data in the Symb-Environment, Tim Wessman pointed me to the Instruction() command, I use it in the above mentioned program, it mostly works.
This is provided when I copy Instruction(2,1), the slider, directly from its Output back to the command-line: {"GB",pnt(pnt[0,[0,[0,1/2]]]),8,4278190080,1,4,0,0,1,{},{2,5,1,0,10,1}}
It should read {"GB",point(0,0),8,...}. When I reenter the output with Instruction(2,1):= Output from above, I get for GB in Symb-View: pnt({0,{0,[0,0.5]}}) (see pic1), which clearly is wrong as it used to be element(0,15,8.0). see pic2.
If I change it back to point(0,0) it doesn't work either.
According to the help-file I should be able to take the provided list, change where necessary and return it to ths Symb-View using this command.