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HP-12C Production/Models History - Sylvain Cote - 01-12-2014 04:58 PM

I am trying to get a picture of the production models/history of the 12C.
Some google research, this site and the blog from Max Stone was very helpful to make it.


Model,           KeyBg,  Beg-End Prod, Prod. Site,   Batt., CPU, Comments
HP-12C,          Black,  1980-1995,    A/S/B/M,      3x357, 1LF5-0301/1LM2-0001/LQ9-0322/1RR2-0001, not clear which of the 4 CPU is with this line or the next
HP-12C,          Black,  1996-200?,    US/SG/MY,     3x357, 1LF5-0301/1LM2-0001/LQ9-0322/1RR2-0001, end of prod. is before 2004
HP-12C,          Black,  200?-2004,    CN,          1x2032, 2AF1-0001, begin of prod. is before to 2004
HP-12C,          Black,  2004-2009,    CN/CNA/4CY,  1x2032, SPLB20D, none
HP-12C Platinum, Silver, 2003-2005,    CNA/4CY,     1x2032, SPLB20D, has bugs
HP-12C Prestige, Gold,   2003-2005,    CNA/4CY,     1x2032, SPLB20D, has bugs
HP-12C Platinum, Silver, 2005-2006,    CNA/4CY,     1x2032, SPLB20D, revised & based on 17BII+
HP-12C Prestige, Gold,   2005-2006,    CNA/4CY,     1x2032, SPLB20D, revised & based on 17BII+
HP-12C Platinum, Black,  2005-2010,    CNA/4CY,     1x2032, SPLB20D, based on 17BII+
HP-12C 25th Ed., Black,  2006,         CNA/4CY,     1x2032, SPLB20D, based on 17BII+
HP-12C 12+,      Black,  2009-today,   CNA/4CY,     2x2032, AT91SAM7L128, none
HP-12C 30th Ed., Black   2011,         CNA/4CY,     2x2032, AT91SAM7L128, none
HP-12C Platinum, Black,  2010-today,   CNA/4CY,     2x2032, SPLB20D, none
Is the above table represent the reality ?

Best regards,

edit1: split background keys from the model
edit2: comments update
edit3: thank you Raymond, you are right, my mistakes, first two lines corrected

RE: HP-12C Production/Models History - Raymond Del Tondo - 01-14-2014 01:11 AM

(01-12-2014 04:58 PM)Sylvain Cote Wrote:  

Model,           KeyBg,  Beg-End Prod, Prod. Site,   Batt., CPU, Comments
HP-12C,          Black,  1980-1995,    A/B/G/J/S/M,
Production site letter G stands for Germany. Not sure whether they really made pocket calcs in Germany.

Slightly OT: I had some heavier bricks which were made in Germany: An HP 64100A (Desktop), an 64110A (Portable), and a really heavy (more than 200kg!) HP 250 Business Computer, and I think some of the desktop computers were also made in Germany.