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WP34S clock failure - smtschmidt - 06-01-2015 10:02 AM

A few weeks ago I setup my first WP34S with xtal and keyboard-overlay. Great work! Many thanks to all the softworker and especially to Walter for this great manual. This calculator is perfect suited to my needs.

So yesterday I setup a second device for my office. After preparing the hardware I flash it with the calc_xtal_full-binary and check the stopwatch. It works and so I close the cover and fasten the screws. While I adjust the settings the calculator shows a strange behaivior:
I call SETDAT with X = 31.052015. The Display shows "Wait" for 10 seconds and then "Reset". The same happens with SETTIM and X = 22.1500. When I call DATE and TIME I get 1.012007 and 0.0109. So the clock ist not ajustable but running since 1minute : 9seconds.

More facts:
VERS = 34S33T3678
XTAL = true
BAT = 2,9 voltmeter shows 3,025V

Today I flash the binary a second time. I supply the calculator with an external powersupply (3V) and measure the current. During SETTIM and SETDAT the current rises up to 20mA in peak. Voltage is stable but the calculator shows the same behaivior as before.

Any help will be welcome.

Many thanks in advance,

RE: WP34S clock failure - Paul Dale - 06-01-2015 10:23 AM

Double check the soldering?

I'd have said check the battery but you've circumvented that.

Maybe some of the components added are dud?

Otherwise, no idea.


RE: WP34S clock failure - smtschmidt - 06-01-2015 11:01 AM

Problem solved!

I have done what you told me. First changed the caps, same Problem. Then I found another xtal in my boxes. That's it.

Everything is fine. Thank you very much Pauli!