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WP-34S Manual (Version 3.3 Error) - BarryMead - 03-25-2015 04:17 AM


I found a small error in the Version 3.3 Manual on page 170 regarding the "αIP" instruction in the IOP.

The keystrokes column reads "h X.FCN αIP" but should read "h X.FCN αIP s̲"

The description column reads "Appends the integer part of x to alpha, similar to AIP in the HP-42S"

The description column should read "Appends the integer part of s to alpha, similar to AIP in the HP-42S"

This is because the "αIP" instruction appends the integer part of ANY direct or indirect register to alpha, not just the "x" register as the manual currently claims.
When you select the "αIP" instruction from the X.FCN menu, it prompts for a register designator to identify which register to use.