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HP 50G: extable with Z1_ - Gerald H - 03-08-2015 01:50 PM

Some years ago I found a version of extable more compendious than the standard - it's size is now 110609 bytes.

One of the additions is using Z1_ as well as ZINT 1.

In fact Z1_ is PTR 273B6 & represents a saving of 2.5 Bytes compared with ZINT 1.

Does anyone else have such a version of extable & do you know the author?

My values are for version 2.10-7.

RE: HP 50G: extable with Z1_ - DavidM - 03-08-2015 04:03 PM

My extable lib is 111028.5 bytes and includes the Z1_ entry you describe. Unfortunately, my memory of the actual source is hazy. I'm pretty sure it was included in one of the various development utility packages, but I no longer remember which one. First guesses would be Emacs or Jazz.

RE: HP 50G: extable with Z1_ - Han - 03-09-2015 03:12 PM

You can create your own extable using the gentab.c file within the Jazz distribution. gentab.c creates the actual table, and within the Jazz distribution is the Debug4x project file for creating extable based on the table. The extable created will be backward compatible with Emacs.

If you use the source from Emacs, then the table generated will not be forward compatible with Jazz.