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STAT GRAPH printing - HP-49g+ - Benoit Maag - 03-06-2015 06:36 AM

I generated a confidence interval graph on my HP-49g+ which I would like to print on my HP-82240A IR printer, but I could not find how to do that - please help !

Thank you

RE: STAT GRAPH printing - HP-49g+ - Benoit Maag - 03-07-2015 04:35 AM

After much research I found the solution to print the display to the IR [printer:

ON + Up-Arrow key

I have had this machine (hp-49g+) for a while but had not spent much time learning how to use it
Then, in a long business trip this week I took it with me and had the manual on my ipad to finally learn how to use it. It is a great tool!

Following the announcement of the discontinuation of the HP-50G, I just bought 2 HP-50G for my young kids for them to use when they enter college... maybe then (in 13 years), calculators will just be a thing of the past... it feels odd to see the end of an era, as one of the last standing dinosaurs...